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Still a Paul Ryan Skeptic

By on 8.11.12 | 2:29AM

I'm an admirer of Paul Ryan's but even if the rumors are true I stick by my original assesments. I think wonkish conservatives are overstating Ryan's appeal to rank-and-file center-right voters. I think the vice presidency is a poor use for Ryan's skills. I'm not convinced it makes the enactment of Ryan-like entitlement reforms any more likely than any other set of circumstances if Romney was already committed to those policy goals. If he isn't, he's just brought the man who could be his most credible Republican critic inside the tent. And if the ticket loses, it will push the Republican Party in a bad direction on entitlements and occasion some really annoying David Frum op-eds.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong on any of those points.

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