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Aston Eaton, World’s Greatest Athlete

By on 8.10.12 | 10:34AM

There is a reason why the Olympic decathlon gold medalist traditionally has been called "the world's greatest athlete." Usain Bolt notwithstanding, Bolt does only one thing: sprint. Decathletes are far more well rounded, adding strength, stamina, and technique (in multiple events) to the raw speed that the braggart Bolt, to Bolt's credit, has developed in abundance.

For whatever reason -- probably because of the opaqueness of the scoring system -- the decathlon no longer gets the attention it once did. That's a shame. The decathlon champion should be THE star of the games, and a household name.

Hat's off, then, to Ashton Eaton, the world's greatest athlete. Hail to the champion. 

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