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Rich Lowry to Media: Shove it

By on 8.2.12 | 2:51PM

This is one absolutely wonderful column by Rich Lowry.

The press can say, like it or not, it simply played its role. Which is true — if it’s supposed to be querulous, unfair and self-obsessed. ...The reporters were said to be boiling over with frustration from lack to access to Romney. But Romney did interviews with Brian Williams and Matt Lauer of NBC, David Muir of ABC, Jan Crawford of CBS, Greta Van Susteren and Carl Cameron of Fox, and Wolf Blitzer and Piers Morgan of CNN...

Meanwhile, back here at home, where no journalists were mistreated by the Romney campaign, Newsweek ran a cover calling the former Massachusetts governor a “wimp.” A publicity stunt with a stitched-together excuse for an article attached, the cover nonetheless made “NBC Nightly News” on Sunday — one of the few segments on the broadcast not related to beach volleyball.

Despite all the conservative energy devoted to monitoring and critiquing media bias, it may be worse than ever.

Read the whole thing. Lowry really lays into the self-important popinjays who claim to be merely "reporting" the "news."

One day, we can hope, there will be a reckoning.

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