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Blame OPRAH, not Bush, for economy

By on 8.2.12 | 12:00PM

My friend Jim Guirard has a brilliant piece at the American Thinker today that notes the Bush-GOP Congress economy was exellent, but the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-And-Hillary (OPRAH) economy since the beginning of 2007 has been awful.

Despite much evidence to the contrary, a recent Gallup poll indicates that Barack Obama's scam of "what I inherited from eight years of Bush" is still working -- with some 68 percent of Americans still believing that George W. Bush is primarily responsible for America's ever-exploding budget deficits, our painfully high and long-lasting rates of unemployment, and our incurably anemic rates of economic growth.... 

The fact of the matter is that this is a patently false narrative based on a superficial and highly misleading comparison of eight awful years of Bush versus only three heroic "hope and change" years of Obama.  We need a truthful new counter-narrative, designed to compare instead:

(a) George W.Bush's first six years in office -- called "Bush Country" for short -- when he had a solid, pro-growth Republican Congress to work with, versus

(b) the next six years of what we should call the current "OPRAH Land" Economy, which we are now enduring and which will almost surely get "Progressively Worse" if Obama and his "green jobs economy" entourage are re-elected.

Read the whole thing. Good stuff.

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