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Messages to Horrible Intolerant Establishment Media

By on 8.1.12 | 6:43PM

1. London did have questions leading into start of Olympics.

2. Palestinian culture has indeed shown deficiencies, as have other cultures -- while Israeli culture is a testament to the power of freedom and hard work.

3. Chick-fil-A's owner said not a word about homosexuals.

3a. It is not "bigoted" to oppose the policy of having government provide legal "marriage" status to homosexual relationships. 

3b. People making a point of happily eating at a restaurant in defense of said restaurant from bullying by government officials is not "hate." But "kiss ins" as "in your face" moves are just bad manners. This isn't an anti-homosexual thing; it's a matter of public mores. Whatever happened to the respect for others inherent in the avoidance of PDAs (public displays of affection)?

3c. It is the Left, not the right, that is obsessed with sex. Go to a Netroots nation convention and you'll all but be assaulted by people giving away condoms and talking about sex. Go to a Tea Party rally and sex usually isn't even mentioned, in any way.

4. Barack Obama is trampling over restraints on executive power in ways the media would absolutely go bonkers over if a Republican did it. His administration also radically tramples over its own pledges of transparency. Media hypocrites yawn.

More later.....

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