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Pawlenty, Portman Aren’t Really “Safe”

By on 8.1.12 | 2:08PM

Jennifer Rubin makes some great points here on the vice presidential selection, while favoring Ryan or Jindal. (And if you are a commenter more interested in trashing the source than in paying attention to the message, which is the point, then stuff it. Disagree with the message: Fine. Say so. Otherwise forget it) Here's part of her take, which is absolutely on target throughout:

Likewise, the “safest” candidate according to conventional wisdom, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, might bring back the dreaded Romneycare vs. Obamacare debate. Moreover, the VP debate becomes a nailbiter with Pawlenty, who showed himself in the primaries to be a weak debater. Again, he’s a fine Republican but the idea that he is a “do no harm” candidate is a misnomer. More to the point, if Romney wants “do no harm,” he might as well nominate an empty brown bag. The point, of course, is to find a vice president who actually helps, even a little, and doesn’t deflate the base.

Empty brown bag! Well put.

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