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The Problem With Pawlenty

By on 7.25.12 | 12:49PM

After my post just an hour ago predicting Bobby Jindal as Veep, I was told that a very astute observer says the fix is in for Tim Pawlenty to be Romney's choice. (Pawlenty was the one I said had the second best odds of being chosen.) 

Okay, fine. I'm already yawning. I can't keep my eyes open. Please wake me up when this rotten campaign is over and the Obamites have won.


The best thing that can be said about Pawlenty is that he is inoffensive. But another word for that is "milquetoast." Watch him on a TV interview, and then try, just try, to tell somebody even ten minutes later a single interesting or memorable thing that Pawlenty just said. Betcha can't do it.

The Romney folks apparently are impressed with Pawlenty's supposed ability to "connect" with "average Americans" in person, on rope lines and the like. Well, it doesn't translate on TV. And it didn't translate for me when I've been in his presence several times. Nice guy. Decent. Well meaning. But also calculating, cautious to a fault, perfectly practiced in the art of glad-handing. And if he is so good on a person-to-person level, why did he flame out so badly in neighboring Iowa despite devoting large resources to the state, for caucuses famously rewarding of person-to-person contact? The reason he pulled out of the race is that he saw he was getting nowhere in Iowa, despite what really amounted to two solid years of efforts there.

Heck, Pawlenty doesn't carry much political weight even in his home state of Minnesota -- where he never earned 50% of the vote, and where he couldn't deliver for Romney even in the primary.

I have yet to find a single person, in travels this spring and summer to the mid-Atlantic, the Northeast, the southwest, and to Northern California, not to mention here on the Gulf Coast, who is excited by the idea of Pawlenty. He energizes nobody. 

As Fagin (sp?) sang in Oliver Twist, so too should the Romneyites say, if they think they have settled on Pawlenty: "I think I better think it out again!"

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