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The Decency of Bob Costas

By on 7.23.12 | 11:47PM

While the IOC won't honor the 11 Israelis murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics during the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics with a moment of silence this weekend, Bob Costas will. Costas has called the IOC's decision "baffling" and "insensitive".

Costas will be hosting NBC's coverage of the opening ceremonies as he has for the past twenty years. IOC President Jacques Rogge has said the opening ceremonies are not the appropriate venue to honor the slain Israeli athletes and coaches. Rogge did participate in a ceremony honoring the Israeli athletes at the Olympic village in London today. But if honoring the Israelis is appropriate in the Olympic village then why isn't it appropriate when the whole world is watching?

Like the UN, the IOC sucks up to the Arab/Muslim bloc and is afraid of offending its sensibilities. As I wrote here a couple of months ago, "The truth of the matter is that most of the Arab/Muslim bloc is delighted the Israelis were murdered forty years ago and would probably celebrate if the entire Israeli delegation were to be slaughtered again this summer."

Bravo to Bob Costas for having the basic human decency to remember.

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