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Obama, Reid Contributor Ralph Lauren Outsourced Olympic Uniforms

By on 7.13.12 | 9:05AM

Open mouth, insert foot.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has raised a furor over the fact that the uniforms for the US Olympic Team are made in China. Which is to say: outsourced.

Who designed these uniforms? Who actually did the outsourcing of these Olympic uniforms here?

That would be the famous American designer Ralph Lauren. Who has a habit of outsourcing his clothes to places like China, Sri Lanka and El Salvador.


That would be the same Ralph Lauren who, according to the Federal Elections Commission, on May 7, 2012 -- barely two months ago -- contributed $35,800 to the Obama Victory Fund 2012.

And the same Ralph Lauren who on May 31, 2012 donated $30,800 to the DNC Services Corporation of the Democratic National Committee. Not to mention $5,000 to the same group in $2009. And $2,300 he gave to the same group in 2008.

In the case of Lauren's contributions to the DNC in 2009 and 2008? Where was that money going?

That's right. To someone named -- Harry Reid.

Specifically, the DNC gave its money to Reid in this fashion:

• $888,768 on October 19, 2010 for a Media Buy -- TV
• $23,000 on October 19, 2010 for a Media Production Estimate
• $13,500 on October 26, 2010 for a Media Production Estimate
• $1,066,954 on October 26,2010 for a Media Buy- TV

So in other words, both President Obama and Harry Reid are and were taking money in the form of campaign contributions that came from outsourcing Ralph Lauren clothes.

File this under the tangled webs they weave category.

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