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Drudge’s Terrible Record of VP Speculation

By on 7.12.12 | 10:10PM

Four years ago, Matt Drudge reported that Barack Obama was likely to select Evan Bayh as his running mate.

Eight years ago, Drudge reported that John Kerry was likely to select Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Twelve years ago, Drudge reported that George W. Bush's likely pick was Frank Keating.

Tonight, Drudge says that Condoleezza Rice is the "frontrunner" in Mitt Romney's veepstakes.

I would suggest that readers treat this scoop with the confidence that Drudge has earned through his track record. (Lest there be any doubt, Erick Erickson tweets: "Multiple assurances from Team Romney tonight that Condi is not happening for Veep.")

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