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Bozell on Microsoft Divorce From NBC

By on 7.12.12 | 6:55PM

The great and good Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center, whose organization has made a point of tracking in considerable detail the leftward tilt of MSNBC, has checked in with his response to my blog post on the imminent divorce of Microsoft (MS) from its longtime media partner.

Said Brent:

"I look forward to seeing how Phil Griffin and MSNBC spin getting dumped by Steve Ballmer into a good thing. Of course, if there is one thing MSNBC is good at, it's spin. While MSNBC may be leaning forward, Microsoft is doing the right thing by leaning away."


Let's recall here that it was the MRC and Brent's "Media Mash" segments on Sean Hannity's Fox TV show that kept the spotlight squarely on the wackiness, outright bias, and frequent viciousness pouring from an MSNBC formed by the union of Microsoft and NBC News. Hannity would frequently look the camera squarely in the eye and wonder aloud if NBC News journalists Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, and Matt Lauer were really proud of what they were so clearly associated with as NBC anchors.

Obviously, Microsoft was increasingly not happy.

So now they are going.

Doubtless Brent and the MRC will be following the fallout from all of this.

Kudos to Brent and Sean for highlighting all of this nonsense over the years.

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