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Pray for Jesse Jackson Jr.

By on 7.12.12 | 12:30PM

Jesse Jackson the elder is one of my least favorite pols, EVER. His son certainly isn't of the most stellar character either, and he's a real left winger. But none of that matters. His current problems, whatever they are, sound serious -- and they are of the type that call for compassion and sympathy, not scorn. He is a human being who appears to be suffering; I offer a prayer for his recovery.

As it happens, I know of one particular incident, private in nature so I won't relay any specifics of it (it was told to me by a first-hand witness; I didn't see it myself), that speaks well of some basic instincts toward personal decency within the heart of the younger Jackson. Suffice it to say that he reached out, supportively, when somebody across the aisle was down. Conservatives should do likewise for Rep. Jackson. May he find solace and health -- so we can go back to opposing him politically when he errs in that realm, which is often, but not opposing him personally or meanly. 

And when he comes back to the House, presumably as a healthy man, conservatives should shake his hand and wish him well.

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