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Reverend Wright: Look Beyond Oprah and Obama

By on 7.9.12 | 10:06AM

Ed Klein reports in The Amateur that the Obama camp tried in 2008 to bribe Jeremiah Wright into silence. The mainstream media has studiously ignored this claim, even though Klein's source for it is Jeremiah Wright himself.

Wright's disgust for Obama as a back-stabbing phony is still raw, as evident in this report from Politico on a sermon Wright delivered in DC this last weekend. Wright talked about Ivy-League educated "sheep dogs" and "biscuits," a category into which he apparently places Obama, who pursue the safe course of white liberalism and turn on black prophets who refuse the "milky white way of life." Woe to those who "only know Oprah and Obama," said Wright, and not the uncompromising greats like "Paul Robeson."  

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