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The Tax Is The Issue: Romney and a Political Wildfire

By on 6.28.12 | 11:21AM

Forget John Roberts.

It's done.

The political key here is the word "tax."

And an unpopular word it is. Obama…who adamantly insisted the individual mandate was not a tax…has now been saddled by the Supreme Court as the taxer-in-chief.

This in fact can be a huge potential victory for -- Mitt Romney. 

This is Romney's moment to lead the charge against tax increases, in this case the ultimate insult -- a tax for simply drawing a breath. A tax mandated by the Supreme Court and propagated by his opponent.

Today's Tea Party took its name, of course, from the original Boston Tea Party -- in Romney's Massachusetts. And what was that original Tea Party about?

That's right. The flat-out refusal of colonists to pay a tax on tea. When it became clear that a moment just like the one today was reached -- that the King and his agents (the Royal Governor of the colony) were not going to lift the tax -- some 7,000 angry Bostonians gathered inside and outside the Old South Meeting House. Realizing the government would not bend -- the crowd headed to Griffin's Wharf, where three ships containing tea were docked. Dressed as Mohawk Indians to disguise their identities they boarded the ships in the dead of night and tossed the tea into Boston Harbor.

That adamant refusal should be remembered well. The people rule. So finally furious were the people they launched the American Revolution. And Mitt Romney of all people should understand that constitutional or not, this decision has enormous political potential to make him the next president.

A political wildfire has been lit by the Supreme Court. A mammoth political backlash builds instantly. And as Democrats celebrate, they are ironically fueling a political wildfire that can launch a political disaster for Obama and Democrats.

This can be -- will be, one guesses -- the beginning of a political revolution.

This is Mitt Romney's moment.

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