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Did Chris Matthews Participate in Voter Fraud?

By on 6.27.12 | 3:03PM

MSNBC's Chris Matthews launched an attack on Pennsylvania State House Majority Leader Mike Turzai over the state's voter ID law yesterday. Then immediately set himself up.

Turzai, a Republican from Pittsburgh, was taken to task by Matthews (as seen here at Newsbusters ) for saying that voter ID -- which is to say cracking down on voter fraud -- "is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania."

Matthews went crazy at the idea of honest elections, insisting that Voter ID was nothing but a plot to… are you ready for this?.... "kill off the older voters and others who might be planning, how dare they, to vote for Obama."

Was there no problem with voter fraud in Pennsylvania?

Well, actually, yes there is a problem with voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Who says so?

Why, none other than Chris Matthews. Who apparently forgets that on July 20, 2011 -- barely a year ago -- Matthews, in a discussion on voter fraud said this:

MATTHEWS: Because they -- and I know this goes on. It has gone on in old-time politics. It has gone on since the '50s that I know about. People call up, see if you voted or you're not going to vote. The, all of a sudden, somebody does come and vote for you. This is an old strategy in big city politics.

He went on to say:

"I know all about it in North Philly. It's what went on. And I believe it still goes on. The question is, can we correct it without screwing up our system? I want people to vote, that's the number one goal. But I also want to make sure people don't cheat. So, let's get out of here."

So let's see what we have here.

State Representative Mike Turzai says that Voter ID in Pennsylvania will help Romney win, clearly because the entire premise of Voter ID is to stop voter fraud.

Chris Matthews says what Turzai is about is nothing less than killing off the old folks who want Obama to win.

Yet no less than last year it was Matthews himself who was insisting that in fact there was a problem with voter fraud in Pennsylvania and that he, Chris Matthews, knows "all about it in North Philly."


If Chris Matthews -- who years ago once ran and lost a race for Congress in Philadelphia -- knows "all about" voter fraud "in North Philly"…did he report it? To whom? If not, why didn't he report it?

And perhaps one other interesting question.

Did Chris Matthews himself participate in voter fraud in "North Philly" or anywhere else in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania? Is that why he "knows all about it"?

Just asking.

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