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Hillary Clinton’s War on Unborn Women

By on 6.27.12 | 9:34AM

Hillary Clinton jets around the world on the taxpayer's dime, pushing abortion and gay rights. Did you know that the promotion of gay marriage and sex-change operations abroad forms a "priority of U.S. foreign policy"? A couple years back she scolded non-western countries for seeing this agenda as a "western phenomenon." Equally important to Hillary is imposing an international right to abortion on the backwards countries of the world, with their retrograde reservations about snuffing out children. Down in Latin America, at the latest evil and idiotic UN gathering, Hillary tried to throw her weight around, demanding that reluctantly progressive nations recognize the right of women to be protected from unborn children. As Margaret Sanger's grandson Alexander puts it, the unborn child is a "threat" who deserves to die.

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