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For a Guy Who Spends So Much Time on His Brackets

By on 6.26.12 | 10:42PM

Considering that President Obama so famously cares deeply about, and spends so much time, on his NCAA basketball brackets, he sure has a habit of screwing up with sports.

One of the most recent examples, as reported by Aaron Goldstein on these pages, came when Obama made a comment at a Monday Boston fund-raiser about Kevin Youkilis having been traded to the team Obama claims as his own, the Chicago White Sox. The crowd booed Obama as he acted like a child saying "nyaa-nyaa!"

That reminds me: Perhaps Obama thinks I have a lot more money than I do, but wasn't it strange (back in 2009) for a guy who calls himself a White Sox fan to suggest the team played at Kaminsky Field? (It's actually Comiskey Park.)

Only 24 hours later, President Obama applauded the recent NBA Championship of the "Miami Heats." I kid you not.

If Obama keeps doing stuff like this, he won't need Rubio to make Florida safe for Romney, and who knows, maybe he'll even put Massachusetts in play...(OK, maybe not, but you get the point.)

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