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The Transferable Halo

By on 6.20.12 | 9:16PM

It's not enough for the "mainstream" media to portray President Obama in photos with backgrounds that appear to give him a halo (such as here, here, and here among many examples).

Now, besieged by evil Republicans who want -- gasp -- answers from Attorney General Eric Holder about the stupid-even-if-it-weren't-botched Fast and Furious operation, Time Magazine's website offers a photo of Eric Holder with his head surrounded by a halo of glowing bulbs.

If there is anyone in Washington supremely undeserving of a halo, it is this man who is presiding over the destruction of the rule of law within our nation's highest law enforcement agency. But apparently anyone who works in the highest levels of the administration of The One is entitled to the loan or transfer of a halo.

(Article containing photo here.)

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