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Leninist Feminists and Laura Bush

By on 6.20.12 | 7:34AM

Leninists were famous for punishing minor deviations from the party line. America's feminists are worthy heirs of that tradition. Laura Bush is their latest victim. A co-founder of NOW, Sonia Fuentes, is trying to box Bush out of the "Alice" award, an award named after a feminist pioneer granted by the Sewall-Belmont House. What is Laura Bush's thought crime? Fuentes says Bush hasn't done much for "women," by which she apparently means Laura Bush hasn't campaigned loudly enough for abortion rights. The irony here is that Laura Bush did pay homage to the gods of political correctness as first lady, signaling to the press that she supported abortion and gay rights, positions that she made explicit once her husband was out of office. Laura Bush endorsed gay marriage before Obama did and she told Larry King that she supported a right to abortion and that she had tried to stop her husband from campaigning against gay marriage in 2004. One would think feminists like Fuentes might reward Fifth Columnists within the Republican Party. Nope, like the Komen Foundation, Laura Bush isn't pro-abortion enough for Leninist feminists and she committed the unpardonable sin of marrying a Republican. Fuentes doesn't care "who a person marries," as long as it isn't George W. Bush. 

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