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By Decree of His Majesty Barack

By on 6.17.12 | 8:34PM

Doth President Obama now govern by decree? 

The one-time Lecturer in Constitutional Law just changed immigration law all on his own.

How easy he has made it for our next President to unilaterally cut the tax rate, repeal the contraceptive mandate, and so much more -- by just exercising a little Obama-esque prosecutorial discretion.

By Decree of His Majesty Barack
   By Asher Embry

Now O has shown us all the course:
To govern means to not enforce.
November 6th, with his concession,
We'll show him how we'll use discretion.

Those income tax cuts which we seek?
We'll give the DOJ a tweak.
Thenceforth, they'll ne're annoy a gent
Who pays just 28 percent.

ObamaCare's repeal's a cinch
Just don't enforce; no pin, no linch.
The Bishops needn't be verklempt;
No prosecutions -- they're exempt.

No matter that it doesn't fit
The Constitution's intricate
And genius plan which guards our nation:
Powers checked through separation.

Although the Congress has the right
To legislate -- to lead the fight.
It makes no difference what their views;
O's offer, Congress can't refuse.
For him, these kingly rules are fun
(Especially since O's "The One").

Is that the game O wants to play?
'Cause that's what he's unleashed today!

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