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Cowboy Up!

By on 6.12.12 | 2:29PM

Miami vs. Oklahoma. Hmm. Should this be a tough decision for conservatives? Let's see. We have kinky South Beach bars (Doesn't LeBron look bitchin' tonight?) vs. the rodeo (What's with that hippy headband, LeBron?). Liberal right coast America vs. conservative Flyover America. Drug dealers with automatic weapons vs. the sweethearts of the rodeo. A tequila sunrise and a few lines vs. a beer and a shot. Crocket and Tubbs vs. Joe Don Baker.

Liberal Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is from Miami. Reba McEntire is from Oklahoma. What else do you need to know?

It will be easy for me to pick a favorite, Partner. Smile when you say that, LeBron. Okies in six or fewer. Cowboy up!

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