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Pascrell Beats Rothman in NJ-9 — Is It In Play in the Fall?

By on 6.5.12 | 11:11PM

Bill Pascrell has bested Steven Rothman in New Jersey's Ninth Congressional District. At first blush, good news for Hamas supporters who need an advocate in Congress. But on Twitter, National Review's Dan Foster raises an intriguing possibility:

Pascrell wins #NJ9 But w/primary turning into Arab/Israel proxy, you have to think centrist Jews are going to be in play for GOP's Shmuley.

He's refering to Shmuley Boteach, the celebrity rabbi who's running as a Republican in NJ-9. It's probably a longshot -- it's a heavily Democratic district, Boteach strikes me as more suited to Dr. Phil or The View than to Congress, and the partisan loyalty of Jewish Democrats is maddeningly hard to break. Still, it may be a race worth watching.

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