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John Edwards Walks (Probably)

By on 5.31.12 | 8:28PM

John Edwards, charged with six counts of violating campaign law, was found not guilty on one count today; the judge declared a mistrial on the other five counts, as the jury could not come to a unanimous verdict on any of them. So does this mean there will be another trial? An AP source says probably not:

WASHINGTON — A knowledgeable law enforcement official said Thursday it is unlikely that the Justice Department will retry John Edwards.

The official made the comment after the campaign finance fraud case ended in a mistrial.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity about an issue that will undergo much review inside the government in the coming days.

The case was so murky that it's not all that surprising that the jury ended up deadlocked (the only count they agreed to acquit on involved payments made in part after he'd withdrawn from the race). Recall that the editors of National Review came "unethusiastically to his defense."

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