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Video: Allen West Protestor Drops F-Bomb to WWII Vet

By on 5.31.12 | 10:31AM

Take a look at this video (hat tip to Doug Ross) taken at a townhall meeting for Florida's Congressman Allen West:

Congressman West is seen in the beginning of the clip, the meeting apparently over. Off camera some noisy lefties are making themselves known, and West smilingly calls them his "groupies." One liberal woman is upset, and proceeds to take on several World War II vets, and an older woman who may be the wife of one. The older woman is carrying a cane. An exhange is appears at one point that the liberal woman refers to "Nazis," although whether she is accusing one of the veterans is unclear -- although he certainly looks startled at what she says. Finally -- at 1:16 into the video -- the much younger woman jabs one of the vets and says.."" There's more.

The Obama Transformation proceeds.

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