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Too Much Ado About “Polish Death Camps”

By on 5.30.12 | 6:34PM

I agree entirely with Aaron that Obama the Oval Office Occupier has insulted Poland terribly in the past, and that Polish leaders should take every oppotunity to make clear their disdain for his asininity. That said, I really think this flap about "Polish death camps" is too much ado about very little. It was abundantly clear that Obama meant death camps in Poland. No insult intended -- in fact, just the opposite, as he honored one of Poland's greatest heroes (and a hero of mine as a GU student while he taught there), Jan Karski. No matter who the offending politician, I will continue to insist that this sort of out-of-context "gotcha" stuff is beneath us, when we face an election as momentous as this one, in times as scary as these. It was silly, or worse, when people blasted Romney for his "I don't care about the poor" remark; silly, or worse, when people hit Santorum on several things taken clearly out of context; and even unfair when Newt Gingrich, whose campaign I opposed, was hit for supposedly being racist because of comments of his that obviously were twisted all out of shape. 

There is so, so much to criticize about Barry Alinsky Hussein Obama the Choom King (just having fun, guys!), but we shouldn't cheapen those criticisms by attacking him for a harmless slip of the lip.

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