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Gallup: Veterans Prefer Romney

By on 5.28.12 | 12:48PM

According to a Gallup poll released on Memorial Day, veterans support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by 58 percent to 34 percent. Obama has a four-point lead among nonveterans and the two candidates are tied among all registered voters.

While veterans in all age groups back Romney, his support is strongest among veterans aged 70 to 79 (66 percent for Romney, 28 percent for Obama) and weakest among those aged 50 to 59 (though these veterans still break 54 percent to 39 percent for Romney). Romney only leads by five points among veterans who are women, but 24 percent of adult men have served in the military compared to only 2 percent of adult women.

Gallup's Frank Newport writes, "It turns out that the male skew for Romney is driven almost entirely by veterans. Romney leads by one point among nonveteran men, contrasted with the 28-point edge Romney receives among male veterans."

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