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WND’s Aaron Klein: Obama Spoke at Socialist Conference

By on 5.25.12 | 11:31AM

Our friend Aaron Klein over at World Net Daily has made a remarkable -- if unsurprising -- discovery.

As Klein writes here, in 1996 there was a town meeting in Chicago presented by "The Democratic Socialists of America." And on the speaking list?

That's right. As listed on the pamphlet Klein has obtained with photo included:

Barack Obama. Candidate. State Senate. 13th Legislative District.

Again, you wonder why Sean Hannity is vetting the President? And our friends at Precisely because finding things like this pamphlet were not done in 2008.

But they are finally surfacing and being discussed. They are decidedly relevant -- and yes, Governor Romney is beginning to incorporate this point as the fall campaign gets under way. See Romney here on Fox and Friends taking on Obama over capitalism.

Kudos to Mr. Klein and WND.

Follow the first link above to Klein's story and take a good read. 

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