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More Political Wisdom Unthroned

By on 5.23.12 | 3:45PM

We're in a strange political cycle, and much political wisdom has been overtaken by events. Even the seemingly unquestionable old saw, "You can't beat somebody with nobody," may have to be revised.

A political no-name took 42 percent of the vote on the Democratic side in Arkansas's open presidential primary Tuesday. Even more interesting, "uncommitted" took 42 percent of Kentucky's closed presidential primary, where only Democrats could vote.

What does it say for President Obama's re-election hopes when even Democrats think they would be better off with someone chosen later, or perhaps no one in the White House, than with Obama?

This raises some interesting questions. If no one wins an election, does he/she still have to be sworn in? Could we soon hear something like: "I, none of the above, do solemnly swear…." 

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