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By on 5.21.12 | 5:40PM

I missed it, but on Thursday night our friend Scott McKay at the Hayride (Louisiana) had a far better post on the Rev. Wright controversy than I just did a little while ago. Mixing McKay's excerpts from a Jeffrey Kuhner column with mcKay's own comments, here are some essentials:

Dr. Eric Whitaker, a close Obama friend, sent an email proposing $150,000 to muzzle the pastor; Mr. Wright says he refused. (The Obama administration recently awarded a $6 million grant to the University of Chicago Medical Center’s Urban Health Initiative. Who runs the initiative? You guessed it: Dr. Whitaker.) .... Not to mention that Eric Whitaker, who is Obama’s buddy, might have to explain under oath how, as a bigwig atop the food chain at the University of Chicago Medical Center, the hospital ended up paying Michelle Obama some $316,000 a year for a job that they did away with after she left. Yes, you read that right. He might also talk about how that was around the time the hospital was looking for congressional earmark money for a new pavilion (Michelle’s husband was a U.S. Senator at the time), and didn’t get it – which was around when her salary started getting cut. She said, of course, that she was cutting her hours after Obama started his run for president, but again, she wasn’t replaced.

Ahh, Chicago Democratic politics! Gotta love them! Tony Rezko, anybody? Remember how poor widdle Barry Obama just wasn't paying close enough attention to how Rezko was helping them? And now Barry is a $10 million man, even though he claims he was still struggling to pay off student loans until eight years ago. Right.... Or should I say, Wright?

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