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Expanding Access to Health Insurance: Obama-Style

By on 5.17.12 | 6:40AM

The Obama administration continues to expand access to health insurance.  In response to its mandate that everyone in America pay to ensure that impecunious Georgetown law students can have sex for free, a Catholic university in Ohio has dropped student health insurance.  Reports the Washington Times:

“The fact that there will be no room one year from now for students to offer health coverage that does not provide contraceptives,” said David Schmiesing, Franciscan University’s vice president for student life. “There’s no room for that one year from now with the current situation. It’s hard for me to see how that’s a compromise.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday said the rules are not nearly broad enough to ease their concerns that religious groups will be forced to pay for contraception their faith forbids - although indirectly.

“The central problem remains that conscientiously-objecting non-exempt religious organizations will still be required to provide plans that serve as a conduit for contraceptives and sterilization procedures to their own employees,” they wrote. “And their premiums will help pay for those items.”


In fact, the Catholic bishops are threatening to sue over the regulation, as they should.  Mandating health insurance benefits is bad policy, since it raises costs and forces all of us to pay for benefits we don't want.  Mandating benefits which violate fundamental moral beliefs also is a violation of religious liberty.  This is a freedom which people who call themselves "liberal" especially should defend.


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