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Weekend Political Wrap-Up

By on 5.13.12 | 8:08PM

1. Following on the heels of Barack Obama's endorsement of gay marriage, Mitt Romney gave a well-received commencement address at Liberty University. This is starting to look like a replay of 2004, where each party tries to maximize its base vote in order to win the election.

2. The conventional wisdom is that Obama's evolved stance makes Romney look excessively right-wing. But Obama is the one being hailed as the first gay president on the cover of Newsweek and being asked to talk about the issue incessantly. Romney can keep his comments on same-sex marriage confined to socially conservative audiences and debates, when he can simply say he believes marriage is between a man and a woman -- just like Obama did in 2008.

3. It would probably help if Romney didn't say things like this, however: "“You don’t change your positions to try and win the states or certain subgroups of Americans, you have the positions you have." Pot, kettle, etc.

4. On Saturday, Ron Paul supporters booed Josh Romney, the likely Republican nominee's son, at the Arizona Republican State Convention. This highlights the danger for Romney appearing to lose control of the national convention in Tampa with a large Paul contingent present -- and also the risk for Paul supporters of repelling the rest of the party at Rand Paul's expense.

5. This Sunday many black churches reacted uneasily to the president's marriage announcement. Black counties in North Carolina voted heavily for Amendment One last week.

6. As California's state budget shortfall balloons to $16 billion, Gov. Jerry Brown naturally calls for a ballot initiative to raise taxes. Brown is also offering some spending cuts, plus further cuts to punish the voters if they don't go along with his tax hike plan.

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