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Whither Statesmen?

By on 5.10.12 | 1:30PM

There has been much grousing on liberal blogs about the primary defeat Tuesday of moderate Indiana Senator Richard Lugar by a Tea Party conservative. The usual name-calling applies. A particularly breathless one out of Michigan laments that the message from Lugar's defeat is that: "Nobody gives a damn about statesmen anymore." 

Gee, I'd always thought a statesman was a past-it guy with no recent arrest record who had lost his last election. So I consulted the venerable "Conservative's Political Dictionary" where I'm instructed that in addition to these qualifications, a statesman is: "A long-serving politician who looks good in a suit, has the requisite amount of gray hair, gives long, boring speeches on foreign policy that no one listens to, and does absolutely nothing to curtail insane expansion of government and attendant taxing, spending, and regulation."

Oh. I guess the little lady from Michigan got one right. Enjoy your retirement, Dick. The hair looks great.

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