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Obama to Gays and Hollywood: Show Me the Money!

By on 5.9.12 | 11:17PM

Jim Antle has nailed it. "One in six bundlers," he tweets, "speaks louder than seven of ten African Americans."

Indeed, the subtext of Obama's "marriage" announcement today is that candidate Obama is more afraid of losing campaign money from gay donors (and from Hollywood in general) than he is concerned about a possible erosion of support amongst socially conservative black and Hispanic voters.

In fact, it just so happens that Obama has a fundraiser scheduled tomorrow with Hollywood lefties George Clooney, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Barbra Streisand. As the old church lady might say, "How convenient!"

In other words, Obama's saying, Jerry Maguire-like, "Show me the money!" And apparently, he's gonna get a lot of it: an estimated $15 million in cool, hard cash with which to bash the Republicans.

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