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Fake Candidates in Wisconsin: Stay Honest, My Friend

By on 5.8.12 | 6:10PM

I'm generally not one to whine about media bias, but there's an interesting contradiction in this Wisconsin State Journal story about today's Badger-state recalls.

Republicans recruited candidates to run in Democratic primaries, partially to keep recall election dates consistent, and the reporter makes no bones about calling these candidates "fake."

Republicans are running a third candidate, Isaac Weix, as a fake or "protest" candidate to ensure that all the races have primaries and that the general elections occur on the same day.

Another fake Democrat, Gladys Huber, is on the ballot in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Fake Democrats are also on the ballot in each of four Senate recalls, forcing primaries in those races.

Yet Governor Scott Walker's primary challenger, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, receives no such label and is simply called "a Walker opponent and frequent Capitol protester."

Yeah, that guy -- the 23-year-old who's on leave from his job selling pizza at the Madison Children's Museum -- is totally for real.

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