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Join the floating right-wing conspiracy!

By on 5.8.12 | 4:06PM

There's still time to join us on our Voyage to the Great Lakes this summer for vivifying conversation with an all-star conservative cast.
But only a few cabins on our gilded vessel remain -- which means that if you’re sitting on the fence now, you might be left there, daydreaming of what could have been, while the rest of us cavort through the sapphire waves.
Lest that agony befall you, I’ll give the pitch once more, this time in my most serious and persuasive tone:
Should you join us, we will embark from the thriving port city of Detroit on the 257-foot Yorktown. A veritable floating right-wing conspiracy will be on board, including such luminaries as Grover Norquist, John H. Fund, George Gilder, Jay Nordlinger, and John J. Miller.
By day, you’ll learn about the history and culture of the Great Lakes region, see the towering Chicago skyline from the water, and travel through locks between lakes Superior and Huron; and by night, you’ll mix and mingle with prominent thinkers in politics and journalism.
Our experienced captain will do his best to evade the hostile Canadian navy completely. And if you’re lucky, I might regale the whole ship with my rendition of, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”
So what do you say? For more information, visit

Reserve your space today by calling 800-257-5767!

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