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Saddam Had No WMD — Not

By on 2.14.06 | 9:09AM

Am told by two sources that Brian Ross of ABC News was on air in Washington, WMAL, this morning to confirm that the Saddam Hussein tapes of many conversations from 1988 to 2002 with his staff and ministers and generals is an authentic tape (it is actually a best of many tapes) -- and that the recordings confirm in Saddam Hussein's voice his intention and capability to reconstitute his CBW programs.

Much more information coming from this weekend, especially the release of the transcripts on Saturday, 18 February at 8 a.m. at Crystal City in Virginia.

The crowd that lives on "Saddam had no WMD" is about to get a new brain twister to play with: "Well, he wanted WMD, and he had WMD at one time, and he really was tricky, but he had no WMD at some point, or why would he discuss getting back the WMD he had???"

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