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More Good Stuff on True the Vote

By on 5.4.12 | 1:54PM

As a companion piece to my CFIF column earlier this week on the True the Vote summit held last weekend, here is a stats/examples-filled column for the publication affiliated with the impressive University of Mobile. An excerpt: 

More numbers: In Texas, a voter must by law identify a permanent address, but in 2008 alone, 6,178 new registrants were accepted without one. Overall in Texas there are 29,345 names on the rolls with no address. In the town of Nacogdoches, 1,665 are registered from one P.O. Box. Statewide, 74,730 names of dead people remain on the rolls. In Florida, 29,935 dead people are still listed. In the largest county in Wisconsin, only 709,854 people are adults eligible to vote, but a stunning 954,008 names are on the registration lists.

John Fund also wrote about the summit, here. And Kevin Mooney, here. Katie Pavlich, here. Karen Townsend at Red County, here.

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