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Hannity and the Anarchist: Hannity and the Islamist

By on 5.4.12 | 12:29PM

Last night, if you didn't see it, Sean Hannity had a televised one-on-one with self-proclaimed anarchist Harrison Schultz.The interview was riveting television, and Fox wound up bleeping ….Hannity.

But well beside the theatrical aspects, what Hannity vividly illustrated here was just how confused, intellectually shallow and decidedly greedy leftists really are. Everything is to be “free” and they have a decided chip on their shoulder if it isn't. Why? Well…just….because. Having a job is unfair. Taking responsibility is unfair. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

The Schultz interview recalled another highly instructive Hannity interview, this one with the Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary, a decided Al Qaeda and Sharia supporter operating out of London. (!!)

If you want a quick, pointed and decidedly educational video lesson in the two biggest problems facing not only America but the West, these two Hannity interviews are a superb summation of what we face domestically and in foreign policy/national security. They tell you in short form everything you need to know about why countries like Greece are falling apart and why there are bombs going off in Afghanistan within hours of a presidential visit.

And yes, the first step out of this nightmare and bringing Morning to America 'in 2012 boils down to:

Romney v. Obama.

Anyone who struggles with that choice is more confused than Harrison Schultz.

Or, one way or another, they are on his side.

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