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Column One on True the Vote

By on 5.2.12 | 12:07PM

Kevin Mooney did a good job here blogging on the True the Vote summit last weekend in Houston, so some of this will be repetitive, but... here, at this link, is my first full-column take on the event, with another one coming soon in a different forum.

Here's a taste:

The summit itself featured a combination of excellent training (for those who will organize poll watchers) and superb speeches by a plethora of luminaries including journalist John Fund, author of Stealing Elections, Justice Department whistleblower J. Christian Adams, author of Injustice, and longtime Democratic pollster Pat Caddell. The latter fired up the crowd with his insistence that existing vote fraud is widespread and “nothing less than the political equivalent of treason” and “a bullet at the heart of what this country is about” – while also expressing amazement that Attorney General Eric Holder has not yet been “impeached” for “corrupt[ing]” the Justice Department “in the service of every bizarre ideology you can imagine.”

Also, please do link through in order to get the full flavor of my account of the impressive speech by Democratic former U.S. Rep. Artur Davis of Alabama. If Mitt Romney wins this fall, there really ought to be a Cabinet post of high-level sub-Cabinet position for him in the new administration.

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