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Elizabeth Warren Goes Native

By on 5.1.12 | 12:33PM

My magazine story about Scott Brown's challenges in the Massachusetts Senate race is now available on the main site. But don't miss Howie Carr's takedown of Elizabeth Warren.

Last week, news broke that Harvard Law had cited Warren as a minority hire — a Native American — when it was under criticism for lack of faculty diversity in 1996. Asked Friday for proof of her Indian ancestry, Warren’s said it’s part of her family “lore.”

She also said she couldn’t “recall” if she’d ever claimed minority status when applying for a job and that she’d never known of Harvard’s 1996 boast until Friday. When Brown’s campaign demanded that Warren apologize for taking part in a “diversity sham,” she said her campaign is searching for “evidence” of her Native American lineage.

Warren's tax returns also suggest that this heroine of the 99 percent is, contrary to Occupy family lore, a member of the 1 percent. She also recently had to admit she didn't pay the voluntary higher Massachusetts income tax rate, preferring to benefit from Republican tax cuts like everyone else.

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