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MSN Money Damages Credibility With Limbaugh Lie

By on 5.1.12 | 11:48AM

It's stories like these that give the "Mainstream Media" such an incredibly bad -- fatally bad -- reputation. So bad that they lose audience and all manner of one-time media powerhouses like the New York Times are struggling to survive.

In this case it's this story now posted over at MSN Money. The story by Douglas A. McIntyre, headlined "5 Most Damaged Brands Right Now," says this in its subhead:

Superlatives have been used to describe these products, places and people, though not all the adjectives have been positive. What makes a brand's value fall? 

The story features as number two none other than -- Rush Limbaugh. The reason given for his "damaged brand" is, of course, the Sandra Fluke business and the resulting artificial push by every left-wing wacko with someone else's bucks in their pocket to push Rush off the air. As we detailed here in "The Plot to Get Rush."

Mentioned exactly nowhere in this story is that The Plot to Get Rush -- failed. Failed miserably.

Not only did Rush's audience understand exactly the game that was being played with Rush, they rallied to him immediately, taking their wrath out on his much advertised handful of departing sponsors. As we noted, one sponsor, Sleep Train, was hit so hard by Rush's audience they begged Rush to let them come back -- and Rush, understandably, refused.

Most notable in the "not mentioned" category of this MSN story is that Rush's audience has increased between 10%-60%! With seven new sponsors signing on!

In short -- there was no damage to Rush's "brand." He sails on, buoyed by a terrifically loyal audience of some 20 million a week. Make that now 20 million-plus.

The damaged brand here?

MSN Money for posting such a hilarious untruth -- and thinking no one would notice.

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