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Israeli strke on Iran: options grow

By on 2.13.06 | 3:33PM

New source with regard Israeli capability of striking Iran, notes the credibility of media reports before this present war and the rise of hallucinatory Ahmadinejad, that Israel has three critical self-developed weapons systems and one acquired weapons system that create many tactical options in the event that a decision is made to deter Iran nuclear weapons fuel cycle at Natanz and other deep and hard sites..

Israel has long been understood by its ally United States as in possession of multiple nuclear weapons that are miniaturized for missile warhead mounts: to this point, on September 22, 1979, an American Vela-class spy sat detected an Indian Ocean double flash that was consistent with previous Chinese and French tests. Also, Israel, since 2000, is said to be in possession of a medium range ballistic missile that can strike a target at a range of nine hndred niles. Also, Israel, since 1999, is said to possess several German built Dolphin class submarines capable of firing warhead missiles from the Indian Ocean at any time.

More, in 2004, Israel purchased, according to deliberately public reports, several hundred BLU-109 guided (bunker buster) bombs from the US arsenal.

The recommendation for on the ground special forces and simultaneous C3 and power grid strikes are also well within Israel capability. My experience is that there are multiple teams trained and tasked for most high risk missions to decapitate IRGC command and control.

Follow on strikes for Iran coastal threat and for blockade to force Iran to stand down from terror threat are not within Israel capability.

Am continuing to study the unthinkable of Israeli preventive strike.

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