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Supremes Seem Unimpressed with Obama Immigration Law Arguments

By on 4.25.12 | 1:32PM

By most accounts, Paul Clement bested Solicitor General Donald Verrilli in oral arguments concerning the federal health care law. It sounds like it was more of the same as Clement against crossed swords with the solicitor general in the Obama administration's attempt to overturn Arizona's SB 1070. The ​Washington Times​ reports:

Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. said the federal government has limited resources and should have the right to determine the extent of calls it gets about possible illegal immigrants.

“These decisions have to be made at the national level,” he said.

But even Democratic-appointed justices were uncertain of that.

“I’m terribly confused by your answer,” said Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who went on to say that the federal government can always decline to pick up illegal immigrants when Arizona officials call.

The Supreme Court is hearing the Obama administration's constitutional challenge to Arizona's attempt to crack down on illegal immigration in the state.

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