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What Envelope?

By on 4.19.12 | 11:01AM

I usually skip the entertainment page of the "Tampa Daily Bugle and Thunderstorm." The day usually goes pretty well without knowing what Kim Kardashian is up to (or even who she is). But this morning my progress to the sports page was arrested by a photo of a cute young woman named Kathy Griffin. I should have just admired her youthful, perky looks and moved on. But, foolishly, I read the item with the photo.

It seems our Kathy has a new talk show. And it will feature celebrities (i.e., people who appear on celebrity talk shows). The republic needs another celebrity talk show about like Custer needed more Indians. In Kathy's case the charges of tiresomeness and flagrant cliché must be added to redundancy. She confesses that her "idols" are Howard Stern, Bill Maher, and Joan Rivers. (How truly sad.) And in the tradition of her heroes, she says she wants her own show to be "edgy" and to "push the envelope."

Darkness and devils!! With the broadcast air full of "whores," "sluts," and F-bombs, and every sexual practice known to man lingered over in prurient detail, there is no envelope left to push. The envelope has long ago been shredded. Someone please tell Kathy, and the folks at Bravo who are enabling her.

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