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The Day Ahead: Thursday April 12

By on 4.12.12 | 7:30AM

The Creepy Factor: Obama and Romney are getting to know you (The Atlantic)

T. Boone Pickens "lost his ass" in wind business (NewsBusters)

GSA employee took 5-day trip to Hawaii for 1 hour ribbon cutting (Fox News)

George Zimmerman charged with murder (Hot Air)

Obama to GOP: Free markets didn't work (RCP)

VP biden: Al Franken is "leading legal scholar" (Washington Examiner)

Female White House employees earn less than men (Daily Caller)

Rep. Allen West blasts reporting on his "communist" quote (Newsmax)

Energy Secretary Chu: Global warming evidence mounting (The Hill)

Catholic Cardinal: A sin to comply with Obamacare's mandate (Life News)

Democracy, Exposed! (Cato Institute)

Heroin dealer uses welfare EBT to post bail (Boston Herald)

Gov. Chris Christie falls asleep at Bruce Springsteen concert (HuffPo)

Media Research Center takes on HBO's Angry Boys (Radar)

Fox News catches the Gawker mole (The Atlantic)

Newt Gingrich unloads on Fox News in private meeting (RCP)

Making bugs delicious (NPR)

Sarah Palin's PAC reserves space at GOP convention (Tampa Bay Times)

VIDEO: RNC Chairman vs. MSNBC host in a painfully awkward interview

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