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By on 4.11.12 | 2:17PM

Commenting on National Review's parting of ways with John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg over their "racially offensive commentary," the New Republic's Timothy Noah quips, "By the logic of newsmagazine trend-spotting, one more transgressor at National Review will give us a trend."

If Noah were to widen his reading he might learn we already have a trend. Here's a worthy candidate from another New York publication, New York magazine itself, and its star political writer John Heilemann, in his piece on Romney's possible veep choices:

Which brings us to the other odds-on favorite: Ohio senator Rob Portman.… He is solid and stolid, bland and boring, and as egregiously Caucasian as a potful of Uncle Ben's.

I really can't add to that. Perhaps Senator Portman should simply rip his skin off.

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