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The Day Ahead: Wednesday April 11

By on 4.11.12 | 8:44AM

Rick Santorum, OUT (WaPo)

Rush Limbaugh: "The establishment won" (Politico)

National Review fires Robert Weissberg (National Review)

President Obama claims he isn't trying to redistribute wealth (Washington Examiner)

Newt Gingrich's $500 Utah primary check bounces (ABC News)

Bradley Foundation honors Ed Feulner (HotAir)

Marion Barry, Obama delegate (National Review)

Sec. Hillary Clinton "LOLZ" at her Tumblr site (HuffPo)

Former GSA Administrator skipped infamous Vegas conference to attend Solyndra meeting (ABC News)

Liberals shut down Heritage Foundation rally in Ohio (RedState)

President Bush wishes they weren't called "Bush tax cuts" (WaPo)

America's debt now worse than Europe's (Power Line)

Teen birth rates at historic lows (CBS)

The Buffett Rule, in chart form (Political Math)

Sub-prime lending is back (NY Times)

Rep. Paul Ryan discusses his Catholic faith (CBN)

Gawker hires a Fox News employee to leak information (Gawker)

Trangender woman allowed to compete in Miss Universe competition (AP)

Gov. Chris Christie: nation is turning into people waiting on sofa for government check (HotAir)

New York Times' 5000-word mash note to Chilean communist (MRC)

George Clooney to host $40,000/plate fundraiser for Obama at home (ET)

Rep. Aaron Schock and the FEC (National Journal)

Grandpa hacker takes down al Qaeda websites (Fox News)

Chinese growth is largely an illusion (The Independent)

VIDEO: GSA workers sing to President Obama

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