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The Day Ahead: Monday April 9

By on 4.9.12 | 8:54AM

Anti-Israel analyst MJ Rosenberg leaves Media Matters (Fox News)

National Review fires John Derbyshire for racial op-ed (National Review)

Tim Tebow's Easter sermon (KVUE)

Only 15% think the Supreme Court limits government too much (Rasmussen)

Young progressives learning from Tea Party (National Journal)

Lawmaker calls for a change in how unemployment is calculated (The Hill)

White House blames Bush for GSA waste (Fox News)

Tax Freedom day is April 17, which is 4 days later than last year (OC Register)

Mike Wallace died (WSJ)

Scooped by Mike Wallace (New Yorker)

New Gingrich still getting turnout at ralliles (National Journal)

Compensation of trade associations, unions and think tank leadership (National Journal)

Super PAC Poll: Hatch is under 60% (Politico)

More than 1/2 of President Obama's campaign team works in digital (Buzzfeed)

White House has diverted $500M to IRS to implement healthcare law (The Hill)

Texas engineer Obama promised to help is still unemployed (Politico)

Gun sales skyrocket thanks to Obama (Free Beacon)

Thomas Jefferson's view of the Resurrection (Fox News)

Photos of North Korea's newest rocket (CNN)

Germany set to tax the young (SMH)

VIDEO: From Hope to Hypocrisy

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