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The Day Ahead: Wednesday April 4

By on 4.4.12 | 8:59AM

Mit Romney sweeps DC, MD, and WI primaries (Chicago Tribune)

Justice Department must answer federal court about Obama's health care comments (Fox News)

Associated Press chief offers lavish praise for Obama (Weekly Standard)

Can Obama convince America Romney is a radical right-winger? (The Atlantic)

NBC apologizes for Zimmerman tape edits (WaPo)

Russian spy arrested after getting dangerously close to Obama cabinet member (Wired)

Treasury officials given 1 day to review Solyndra loan (Bloomberg)

Bi-partisan P90X workouts (ABC)

Sara Palin co-hosts the Today show (Breitbart)

Paul Ryan's Hunger Games (WSJ)

Overturning ObamaCare and the polling fallout (NY Times)

Federal reserve slows down talk of more stimulus (Reuters)

VP Joe Biden: Fracking causes earthquakes (The Right Scoop)

Regulators will punish JP Morgan over Lehman collapse (NY Times)

Moody's downgrades Generel Electric (GE)

Nancy Pelosi wants Hillary Clinton to run in 2016 (USA Today)

Why wouldn't Planned Parenthood accept a $500,000 donation? (Forbes)

Deal closes on night raids in Afghanistan (NY Times)

VIDEO: White House Press Secretary can't answer why Senate hasn't passed a budget

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