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Attacks Aren’t Working in Massachusetts Senate Race

By on 4.2.12 | 11:21AM

The Boston Globe has a new poll out showing Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) locked in a dead heat with his likely Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. The exact numbers are Brown 37 percent and Warren 35 percent with 26 percent undecided. Interestingly, neither side's attacks on the other seem to be sticking:

Few poll respondents associated her with the “Harvard elitist’’ label that Brown has tried to tag her with. Likewise, only one in five of those surveyed agree with Warren’s argument that Brown is marching in lockstep with the Republicans.

The race will likely hinge on undecided independents and moderate to conservative Democrats. Brown currently leads among the first group, Warren the second, but about a third of each bloc hasn't made their mind up yet.

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